Chart of the Latter Days

This chart is the result of over twenty years of study on subjects brought before me by God and His instruments, the following teachers: Otis Q. Sellers, C. E. McLain, A. E. Knoch, C. R. Stam among many othersand most recently, through the writings of Commander J. G. H. Steedman and Major R. B. Withers from articles in The Differentiator on the Hebrew word Acharith "latter days" and the "Seventy Sevens". This chart is based upon there being Scripture indicating a protracted period of time(of at least 490 years) in which God will give repentence to Israel before "The Great Tribulation" and the presence of Jesus Christ upon the Earth. In studying this chart you will find this time referred to as "Seasons of Refreshing" in which the parables of the Kingdom of the Heavens in Matthew 13 will have their fulfillment. It is also indicated in the chart and is my contention that the entire Seventy-Sevens of Daniel 9:24-27 will run their course during this time. It should also be noted that all of Israel's "Festivals of Yahweh" will find their prophetic fulfillment during this time ending with the Presence of Christ on Earth to fulfill the Festival of Tabernacles and usher in the 1,000 year Kingdom. All passages with the word "Acharith" are noted in the chart. These Scriptures will be found to cover the entire period, from the beginning (the invasion and defeat of Gog and Magog) to the middle (the nations all beating their swords into "plowshares" and not learning war) to the conclusion and consummation of the eon (The Apostasy) and the presence of Christ upon the Earth. The present called-out-company called the Body of Christ will have been snatched-away before any of these events can occur.

Editor's note: the articles listed below all pertain to the subject of the Acharith but are not listed in any designated order and can be read and enjoyed as one finds the time and inclination.


The Differentiator Revisited 2018

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